About Robert Grafton, M.D.

Detroit IV Therapy Provider, Dr. Robert Grafton at PSI Medical Group in Wixom, Michigan is a Diplomat of the Canadian Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has practiced plastic and reconstructive surgery in Michigan since 1993, and was previously an instructor at Michigan State University – Hurley Medical Center.

Dr. Grafton earned his medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979 after earning a bachelor’s degree from both the University of British Columbia as well as the University of Saskatchewan. His post-graduate training includes residencies in General Surgery at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan and in Plastic Surgery at the Health Science Center in Flint, Michigan and in Plastic Surgery at the Health Sciences Centre at the University of Manitoba.

He has also completed two fellowships: one in Microscopic Hand Surgery in Louisville, Kentucky, and one at the Shrine Burn Unit in Boston, Massachusetts.

A dedicated practitioner and advocate of anti-aging medicine, Detroit IV Therapy Provider, Dr. Grafton has completed the A4M Integrative Medical Residency, the Sottopelle® Therapy training for use of pellets in hormone replacement therapy and the CENEGENICS® Age Management Training Program.

PSI Medical in Wixom Michigan

PSI Medical is a natural and effective anti-aging medicine clinic that can help you maintain or regain youthful appearance, energy, sexual drive, and promote overall wellness. They offer a wide variety of innovative and non-invasive treatment options to fit your lifestyle goals.

Anti-aging medicine looks at the body holistically. Practitioners at an anti-aging clinic, when working with a patient that has multiple symptoms, will look for the root cause of those symptoms rather than treating each symptom separately. For illnesses that are rooted in nutritional imbalances, an anti-aging doctor may recommend Intravenous Nutrition Therapy to correct those imbalances. Treating deficient nutrition in this way eases the uncomfortable resulting symptoms with one treatment, rather than a different treatment plan for each different symptom.

Since anti-aging doctors view health holistically, they tend to work outside the one-size-fits-all approach. Recognizing that each individual has unique needs and body chemistry, Dr. Grafton at PSI Medical Group creates personalized IV Therapy programs that address your unique mineral, vitamin or amino acid deficits. This type of personalized nutrition therapy corrects the levels of numerous important vitamins in your body.

For more information about how Robert Grafton, M.D. at PSI Medical in Wixom, Michigan can help you with a customized IV Nutrient Therapy treatment plan, call his Wixom, Michigan based IV clinic!